Whether you’re targeting business or consumer,
we will deliver your message clearly and thoughtfully.

Pixel Print & Post is committed to meeting your direct mail marketing needs by employing professionally staff who are knowledgeable of the ever changing technological advances, USPS compliance issues and by providing the most effective, efficient and economical service available. Direct mail today remains the most effective way to target your message to customers most likely to respond, when you want the message delivered, while at the same time offering you unique tracking capabilities.


Your direct mail marketing campaign is your method of communicating with your clients and marketing your business; our business is designed to help you do your business in the most economical and efficient way possible. We work with you to determine where the most viable new customers are and what is the best way to reach them. We are a provider of highly targeted lists that offer best response rates for your offer or fundraising solicitation.


Here’s a partial list of our mailing capabilities:
List Development Service
Data Entry
Presorting/CASS Certification